A downloadable game for Windows

F25, a game by Pekka Kujansuu with music by Joonas Mäkinen

Created for Assembly Game Jam 2017, based on the theme "25".

You'll need two players. The players should have a gamepad each, or you can huddle around a keyboard.

Tools used: Unity, Asset Forge, Blender, Paint.Net

Post-jam changes: Cleaned up the track geometry a bit. Added keyboard bindings for both players. You can now exit a race and the game with the Escape key.

Gamepad controls (on an SNES style gamepad):

D-pad: Steer
B: Accelerate
Y: Brake
X: Reset car if you get stuck
R: Drift

General keyboard controls:

Up/Down: Navigate track menu
Enter: Select track
Escape: Exit to track select screen from a race, or exit the game from the track select screen

Player 1 keyboard controls:

A: Steer left
D: Steer right
W: Accelerate
S: Brake
R: Reset car if you get stuck
Space: Drift

Player 2 keyboard controls:

Left: Steer left
Right: Steer right
Up: Accelerate
Down: Brake
Backspace: Reset car if you get stuck
Right Control: Drift


F25 14 MB
F25 (jam build) 14 MB


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:D haha! love the wiggle! Too bad I don't have somebody here or bots to play this with.

Thanks! Bots would have definitely been nice to have but I knew it'd be a big challenge in the limited time so I chose to focus on other aspects of the game instead. I think if I end up working on the game more that'll be a top priority feature.